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Menellia Valcent is a Mindset Makeover Maven & Lifestyle Success Coach for women and brings to this game over a mix of 10 years of corporate experience in administration & supervisory + the last 2 years in high performance coaching. She is certified in Supervisory Management from the University of The West Indies & her main mission is to guide global HIGH ACHIEVING MILLENNIAL WOMEN back to their life compass!

She has spent the last 3 years working with & teaching thousands of global women how to shift their mindsets and lives post their quarter life crisis. During that time she garnered publications & live interviews on platforms such as Jennifer Hardie’s Unstoppable podcast,Choice TV, Radio Caribbean International, Business Focus Magazine, Thrive Global & The Huffington Post to name a few.

Menellia has trained for a year in High Performance Coaching & Strategy with Brendon Burchard, Online Business & Coaching through Sherina Mayani, Melanie Duncan & Gina Devee and is an avid joie de vivre enthusiast & student of Tonya Leigh’s Lifestyle programs. Her approach to coaching is a mix of Power Mindset Activation, Goal Setting, Money Mentality & Life Purpose & Exploration..

When she’s not coaching, she spends her time indulging in french TV series, listening to café jazz or absorbing some style inspiration from bloggers. She lives & operates with the mindset that in order to create long lasting success, a woman must take control of her own ship & steer it in the direction she desires to go! To grab a free gift from Menellia visit



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