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That Breakthrough You’ve Been Praying For Is About To Happen!

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My Wake Up Call Was In 2012!

For my entire life I put myself in the category of people pleaser , timid, say yes and don’t question anything, but little did I know this chapter of my life would be exactly what I NEEDED to get me out of the funk. I like to call it, my quarter life crisis, “because indeed that’s what it was”. I was at crossroads with myself & in that moment it taught me save myself & to begin living an adventurous life for me.

It taught me how to be courageous & unapologetic about my desires, it taught me how to create daily bliss, how to re-frame my mindset & relationship with money and abundance and cultivate wealth beyond the “material world”. I’ve been a student of self discovery for the past 7 years, embodying my inner butterfly with so much more confidence and for the past 2 years’ I’ve taught and personally worked with women in many arenas of life who are experiencing the same drain.

Through lessons learned from embodying my inner beautiful soul, paired with powerful coaching techniques, I cultivated an effective approach to living life on my own terms whilst doing what I love. And today I would love to extend a personal invitation to you in to do the same.


Here’s What You Should Know…


When you’re NOT Living In Your Best Season it could look a little like this. Your thoughts, emotions and actions may sound like

" When I spend money on myself the first thought is it’s not necessary, but I have to treat myself, then I ask myself if I can afford this.

"I don’t care. I am exhausted at this point. I need more hours in the day. In the relationship I need more love and attention. There is no zeal when we see each other"

"I'm Looking for excitement, Looking for energy. I want to do more but it's not easy for me. I need more confidence, and to feel more grounded"

"I will stay in the same position that I am in. Unaccomplished, because I feel like I'm making moves, but still stagnant!!"

“I always attract the wrong men in my life and I always over give. Maybe that’s what I’m worth”

In A Nutshell You’re

  • Afraid Of Embracing Abundance, Wealth,

  • You Don’t Give Yourself Permission To More Life Experiences

  • Holding Unto Unhealthy Draining Relationships & It’s Painstaking

  • Constantly Feeling Stuck In A Rut, Confused, Anxious & Stressed

  • Making Disappointing Decisions On A Hamster Wheel

  • Always Overwhelmed, Fatigued, Drained Out

  • Not Feeling Completely In Love With Yourself

  • Feeling Like You’ve Been Forgotten

And The Worse Part Is That You Miss Out When Your Everyday Focus Is “What’s Wrong In Your Life?”

  • You don’t sign up for that foreign language class “even if it’s after hrs”

  • You don’t start the business you desire “because you think you’re not good enough

  • You put a hold on you pursuing that ACCA accreditation because you’re not motivated

  • You spend time watching others share their fabulous vacation photos “whilst you wish you could do the same”

  • You don’t sign up for that spa treatment your body so needs because you’re thinking “this money could is being wasted”

  • You spend your days complaining about being in a job you hate “Instead of getting the courage to move” into another one

  • You wake up every morning with no energy or enthusiasm & stuff yourself with draining foods “instead of practicing pleasure”

  • You remain in a relationship that’s not serving you “because you’re worried about the other persons well being more than your own”


How To Know If You’re Living Your Best Life?

  • You Start Each Day Filled With Joy & Energy

  • You Live As The Sensual, Feminine Woman That You Are

  • You Fully Embody The Art Of Balancing Life & Well Being

  • You Embrace What You Stand For Without Negotiation or Fear

  • You Give Yourself Permission To Be Truthful In This Bold World

  • Your Share Your Gifts & Serve With Purpose For With Excitement

  • You Are Confident About Your Decisions & Your Actions Towards Growth

  • You Create The Space To Receive The Abundance & Wealth You Desire

  • You Confidently Attracts The Right People To Fully Support You In Your Life

  • You See The World As A Space Of Beautiful Opportunities Instead Of Messes


Introducing The Desires Playdate™ 6 Week Immersion

A Goals & Mindset Immersion To For Ladies Who are Ready To Realign & Reset Their Lives For Graceful Abundance, As They Build The Confidence Needed To Execute Their Best Season In Powerful Way!

Here’s The Thing…

Your social self wants you to suffer. She wants you to remain blind, to remain confined to an insane life of toxic patterns taught by the world “emotional, physical etc.” It’s time to leave behind the parts of yourself and would that’s not serving you and turn your life around! It all begins with YOU! Your heart, your true values, and you find your way to igniting your own north star!! And the fact that you’re here, shows that deep down you believe that there is a stronger, healthier, happier more abundant, empowered version of you & that she’s waiting!

Your Reservation To This Immersion Grants You Access To 3 Powerful Pillars I've Practiced & Taught Other Women In Embodying Their Adventurous Lives. Desires, Mindset, Habits.

Let’s Explore The 6 ateliers

    PHASE 1


    Detoxifying Your Blocks

    During phase 1 we focus on detoxifying and shedding all the drains, fears, blocks and fears that's keeping you from embracing your adventurous life; in order to create space for what you truly desire out of life. We focus on relationship, habits, beliefs and that self consciousness that causes you to compare instead of owning that power you're so greatly blessed with. We'll dive into the heart of the underlying beliefs you're holding unto around cultivating abundance & why you're shyfing away from your desires.

    A complete walk through Phase 1 shows you how to activate an empowering approach and mindset towards success & owning it confidently!

    PHASE 2



    During phase 2 we dive into your divine purpose & allow giving you the FULL PERMISSION to embrace that fire within your soul. It's time to finally pull back the layers you're masking AND SHARE ALL OF YOU BY DOING THE DEEP INNER WORK!! What you desire to create, where you desire to go, how you desire to impact the world, how you desire to live. This phase we give you full unapologetic permission to create it!

    A complete walk through of Phase 2 grants you the clarity you have been craving on defining your goals and your big life vision.


    PHASE 3



    In phase 3 we begin to reconnect with your inner love child as you start to give yourself permission to be loved by you with pure vulnerability. This concept was very awkward to me when I first started it, however; the most rewarding. This phase you're going to develop some new routines and rituals for creating consistent mindfulness, alignment and integrating your successes as you enter the stage of soul growth.

    A complete walk through of phase 3, guides you into creating more balance, presence, structure, self-confidence & love, powerful habits and behaviours to support it.

    PHASE 4



    Inside phase 4 we'll dive into your beliefs around receiving and generating money, wealth and abundance. This story is the heart & center of why you keep devaluing yourself "in career,business or life" & why you're RESISTING YOUR DESIRES. We are going to transform your beliefs, money mindset & raise your vibration to match the energy of what you want to experience in life through letting go of the scarcity programming you're holding

    A complete walk through of phase 4 means your wealth & money story will being to transform & you will be embracing it will ease.


    PHASE 5



    Phase 5 is all about embracing that inner strength you posess as it relates to you creating that impact in the world & your life. This phase you will unleash your strengths and derive ways to begin utilizing them in the world with fun and pleasure. We're also going to couple that with your inner feminine power and sensual energy and can allow you to fully embrace your best qualities with confidence both physically and emotionally.

    A complete walk through of Phase 5 shows you how to become more confident with your strengths, body, self, & everyday presence in all areas of your life

    PHASE 6



    If there was one thing I wish that I had learned VERY EARLY in my life and business is releasing and letting go in order to allow the abundance to flow to me. You will learn the art of surrendering the desires and allowing the process of being in flow. I will introduce you to a practice during that phase so that you can remain divinely guided and grounded beyond the immersion. This may or may not be a new concept to you, but we are going to develop a feel good, high energy routine to fully supports that unleashed woman!

    A complete walk through inside phase 6 means you will have more trust in knowing that a high level version of you already exists & exploring the new book of your life with fun energy


Major Side Effects Include:

  • More Enthusiasm To Create Your Version And Definition Of Success

  • Increased Confidence & Clarity On Your Core Values & Desires

  • A New Attitude And Mindset Towards Succeeding In Your Endevours

  • More Pleasure, Self Awareness, More Joy, Energy & Inner Peace

  • More Confidence & Empowerment To Be Courageous In Your Craft

  • Healthier Personal & Professional Boundaries

  • Healthier More Aligned Relationships

Say Hello To Your New Normal! A Legacy & Life You Are Proud Of!

By the end of your time inside The Desires Playdate™ Mentorship Program , we will identify and release your limitations and scarcity patterns that are ingrained in you deeply , and the mindset and belief that you’re unworthy of success, wealth & freedom; and you’re not good enough to receive all you desire. The patterns that told you that life is all about giving to others and that you should never put yourself first. The patterns that told you pursuing your deepest desires as a woman is a sin, greed, and that only the status quo can achieve that. The patterns and beliefs that taught you that success equals scarcity and pain.

By the end of your time inside The Desires Playdate™ Mentorship Program you will have more clarity around your personal goals & defined in detailed and began to embrace the life you desire to create. You will get specific on who you desire to be as a woman and what ultimate legacy you want to create for your life. You will have a clear cut vision of where you are headed & we’ll outline the first few steps of that roadmap for consistent momentum

By the end of your time inside The Desires Playdate™ Program you will have powerful and clear boundaries and deep powerful SELF RESPECT, values and standards whilst releasing and being unavailable for those that do not serve your highest good in any way.

By the end of your time inside The Desires Playdate™ Mentorship Program you will finally know what it’s like to completely & unapologetically believe in yourself, love yourself with full confidence so that you can magnetize & create relationships that uplift you every step of the way moving forward.

By the end of your time inside The Desires Playdate™ Mentorship Program you will strongly believe in yourself to cultivate a life built on solid foundation that grows with you, creates change, brings income and deeply supports your purpose here

By the end of your time inside The Desires Playdate™ Mentorship Program you will have more energy, more enthusiasm and more joy in your life as you will be more motivated to do the things you want

You Receive In This Mentorship

6 Live Group Coaching Rendezvous To Deeper Activate Your Alignment Per Week

6 Comprehensive Supplemental Workbooks, Pre-recorded Videos Inside Each Atelier + Weekly Love Notes Sent To Your Inbox

Excursions Tailored To Your Adventurous Life You’ll Be Designing So That You Can Begin Implementing Your Lessons

Special Bonus

Bonus 1 - The Discovery Kit

Immediately after joining the program, you will *instantly* get access to the welcome bonus The Desires Playbook: A discovery guide to your next chapter. This Fun Sheet and audio is considered your pre-work before getting started on Salon #1. It is the perfect way to start weaving your definition of a beautiful life before we dive in.

Bonus 2- The Manifesting Your desires Bootcamp

Full Access To The Manifesting Your Desires Course & The Salon To Walk Through Your 6 Week Adventure


Payment Plans Available



Kelma testimonial.png

It was a wake up call for me.It made me feel alive, it made me see that it's good to take a risk and that I should try new things.It make me realise that I am no longer a "kid" and allowed me to make up my mind on what my next step in life was.The experience was awesome "changing in foods I ate, how i dressed, and feeling good about myself" Before I didn't care! So happy that I got to experience it because now, I am beyond self aware & happy with my life!

Tiffany testimonial.png

Menellia is such an amazing spirit. She has a way of telling you exactly what you need, in an honest, simple and understanding way. I love the guidance she gives, because she does not only give me TONS of energy, but she has a way of simplifying EXACTLY what you need to do, and she always adds proper value to our conversations. So beyond happy that I discovered her…. Love Coach Tiffany – “Norway”

Mandisa’s Story : She felt lost & disconnected with her business vision. She felt that she could not be able to "make it there" and she was tired of striving so hard and feeling like she was doing it all on her own, even though she had a team. What's more is that her money story as not allowing her to give herself full permission to open to receive. After our VIP dinner intensives, Mandisa received more clarity on her goals, and next step, we developed a routine to keep her fully grounded and aligned as she move forward. She had this to say..." and our work still continues.

Mandisa testimonial (1).png

1,000,000 thank yous are in order for helping me to recondition MY mind in making moves for MYSELF.Sometimes we get so engrossed in the pursuit of our vision that we often neglect ourselves!About to make another life changing decision and I’m excited!”

And Lovely Ava

For months Ava had been wanting to work with me and she had been following along in the communities and getting small wins, but when she decided to go all in during our VIP lunch date she started to find her bliss once again and her goals and mindset started to realign. Afterwards she sent me the sweetest message.

Ava testimonial.png

“I was able to identify areas in my life which were serving as energy zappers & that were draining me and preventing me from moving forward with my goals. I love that the content given can be used and revisited in the future and I'm now creating my best life.Menellia was incredibly sweet and such a good listener, incredibly down to earth and so much fun to work with! - Ava Antoine”

And Mademoiselle Andra

Andra testimonial.png

Fabulous! The experience was just fabulous. And going to Paris sealed the deal that I could create anything I wanted in my life. It introduced me to the sophisticated side of myself "which if I'm being honest, didn't knew existed", my view towards wealth has increased and I can't wait to return! They say that you only have one life and you should make the best of it, well I am only just beginning.

- Andra Wilfred

And Nathalie

Nat testimonial.png

“Liberating, Constructive & Inspiring. Menellia was a great coach and leader who inspired responses without pressure. It was an enriching experience.”

And Valma

Valma testimonial.png

After working with Menellia every aspect of my life has improved.I was able to control my emotions and release negative energies. I also identified situations where I would get angry and react and have now been able to control myself and let go of the past and other things in my life which kept me back, weighed me down and prevented me from moving forward. I am closer to being the person I always wanted to be

The Desires Playdate™ Mentorship Program Is Perfect For The Woman Who Is Absolutely Ready And Committed To Having: 

  • Her Resilient Life Cultivated

  • Her Bliss & Confidence Magnified

  • Her Internal Desires & Coals Clarified

  • Her Success & Wealth Mindset Raised & Mastered

  • Her Performance In Her Life & Business/Career Tripled

  • She Wants Consistent & Ongoing Support As She Shifts

  • She Is Ready To End Self Sabotaging Habits & Behaviours

  • She Is Ready To Have Some Fun “With Her Self Discovery Journey”

  • She Is Tired Of Putting Life On Hold Until Everything Is In Order

  • She Is Ready To Do The Work & Is Open To Receiving Honest Feedback

On The Flip Side, This Party Is Not Ideal For You If:

  • You Love To Complain & Don’t Plan On Stopping Anytime Soon

  • You’re A Know-It-All & Not Open To A New Perspective Or Ideas

  • You Are Not Ready, Nor Committed To Doing Some Internal Work

  • You Have No Desire To Be Open & Truthful About Your Life Drains

  • You’re Looking For A Miracle Outside Of Yourself

  • You Can’t Handle Loving Honest Feedback

mindset coach (2).jpg

About my coaching methodology..

My core coaching foundation revolves around embracing self love, self discovery, core values and desires, fusing that into your daily presence, high performance and cultivating a mindset that supports lasting change.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve been on a self embracing journey with the last 2 years involving supporting global women in doing the same as I train and continue to train with some of the worlds best success coaches; including Brendon Burchard & Tonya Leigh. My inspirationals have been published on Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global & Huffington Post of which I became a regular contributor to, and have picked up press on some other global platforms including Sivana East, Self Development Secrets and Jennifer Hardie’s Unstoppable Podcast & local media houses here in Saint Lucia.

If you’re currently on a journey of self discovery, trying to launch your business but playing small, in a career that’s not fulfilling you, a relationship that’s no longer serving you, self sabotaging when it comes to emotions and actions; and your goal is to once and for all stop putting your life on hold, then you’re in the right place.

Got Questions?


If you're the woman who desires to give herself that experience of what it means to truly live for HER then yes! If you're burnt out overworked & know that you have so much more potential & deserving of so much more!! Then this experience is for you! The Desires Playdate is perfect for overwhelmed moms, drained female entrepreneurs, demotivated corporate women, big dreaming creatives.

Ultimately the woman who knows deep down that she desires and is ready for a new chapter of her life, where she lives with freedom, embraces her high value policy, believes in her ability to soar, and is committed to create that!


We need to also make time to create magic in ourselves. You are also fully responsible for your success and your growth, therefore, IT'S TIME TO BREAK THAT CYCLE!You deserve better! By RSVPing, "we expect that you play your part in ensuring the best possible result you are seeking by doing the work".Therefore, if at this time you are not able to make the commitment to implement the actions for this program, please do not apply


That's the thing. The program doesn't do the work. You do!This is a support system where I will provide you with the tools & guidance you need in order to integrate the work. If you implement the actions steps we will design during this program, prepare to see the results.


And I completely resonate. My first investment in myself felt like I was giving away money. But the more I did, the more confident I became in my capabilities and myself. And as I transformed my mindset realized that I was investing in ME! Since then I have been beyond comfortable & trusting in the high-end coaches I've invested in and reaped the rewards! You're investing in your growth. Not in someone else.THAT'S WHY YOU SHOULD BE MAKING THE INVESTMENT!


The program is delivered on a 1:1 private coaching basis. You will receive securee access to a membership site where you can conveniently access bonus training materials & we have 1 call sceduled for each week.


Your full payment or part payment is due before working together. When your pay you officially enroll in the program where you will receive your welcome & orientation kit & all the course materials, & calendar to schedule for 1st playdate.


Before paying, we want to ensure that we ar the right fit. As such, bit the pply button below to RSVP to a complimentary call with me to discuss firsther. If you decide to move forward with our playdate, yoru contract & payment button will be emailed to you during the call. Pick your method of payment "full or part & follow the guide to checkout! All our transactions are conducted over securely encrypted servers.


Menellia Valcent _ Success Coach _ Start here (3).JPG


I knew when I was putting The Desires Playdate™ Mentorship together that I wanted it to be incredibly successful, and in order for that to happen I believe that only the most incredible, forward thinking, big dreaming, action taking women should have the opportunity to be part of this elite immersion. Women who are ready to disintegrate, face their fears head on and create a no excuse policy to living their absolute best life. And that’s a scary process “truth be told”.

Personally I understand how scary it can be buying something online especially when it comes to your personal self. However, after experiencing the power of this immersion, as well as leading dozens of women through the experience, I wholesomely believe in this program. But, here’s the deal: I only want to work with women who are committed, because part of “getting real” is realizing that this experience is going to save you from the scarcity quarter life crisis. You have to be willing to invest the time and effort into yourself and doing the work. Let me be really clear. This is NOT another get successful quick program. It is not another how-to. It’s a game-changing experience & investment in your future self that requires your FULL commitment to YOURSELF. So, if you just want to “try it out” without taking it seriously, then this program is ABSOLUTELY NOT for you.

With that being said…You’re strong, you’re gutsy & you have so much more inside of you that you’re embodying! If you’re ready to unapologetically become the woman who says no to what’s not serving her and yes to the direction she want to move in then..



DISCLAIMER : It is important that I add a disclaimer to highlight 2 things - First of all, I am NOT A certified therapist, nor psychologist as such, should you be suffering with depression or any negative thoughts that you believe is detrimental to your health, please seek support from a therapist. Secondly *Individual results may vary. It’s important to add a disclaimer to say these results aren’t typical, nor are they guaranteed. You actually have to apply the strategies if you want to transform your life! However, my goal is to help you cut down the learning curve and skip the overwhelm in order to navigate through a roadmap with more ease, as you cultivate the life you desire!!