How to be happy in life again when things aren't going right

How to be happy in life again when things aren't going right #happiness #selflove #selfworth #lifestyle #joy #intentionalliving #slowingdown #morningroutine #happinessquotes..png

I've always been a coffee girl. When I was younger, I grew up in a farming family so we used to pick the coffee beans, break them dry them, roast them, pound them and drink freshly organically grown coffee every morning. So naturally, the habit stayed with me as I grew older. 

But the love affair I developed with myself started to form from a simple cup I discovered cappuccino & someone gifted me an espresso machine I started to infuse more detail into how I brewed or prepared my morning coffee and started to invest in some beautiful tea cup sets, because it's fun. And that's what joy & la joie de vivre is all about. Finding happiness in simplicity by being present in the moment. Sometime last year I started to spend more time with myself, how I took care of myself, how I ate, how I behaved, how I lived. And yes, it disrupted the norm for some persons in my life but myself love became so much stronger because I started to integrate more joy and detail into my every day. 


Many women believe that they have to seek outside of themselves to find happiness, or wait for others to pamper and treat them special. I did. But that changed dramatically, just from one cup of coffee. Now this is my simple way of finding la joie de vivre, but what's yours. How can you start to incorporate more detail, more love, more meaning, and more joy in your life TODAY! NOT tomorrow or next week, but today. Just one thing. 


Can you go out for a walk, can you buy yourself that bouquet of flowers you've been waiting for your beau to get you, can you sit on the beach or the lake with a book, can you put on some music and dance, can you cuddle with your puppy or daughter/son, take yourself to lunch, steam up the bathroom with some essential oil? How can you do that today?

It's so important for us to embrace life and slow down and LIVE! Reply to below and share with me how you're going to add more joie de vivre into your day my darling.

Until next time. 

a bientot!