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You are not going to pay off that 20k debt unless to turn up the dial! here’s how i did it in 1 year!

First of all this post is not meant to trigger the eff out of you… “or is it”, probably yes it is. In fact I hope it does because guess what, I want YOU to know that you have the potential and the capacity to expand your life to the next level just like that! I was never the woman who embraced debt. In fact, it cringed me. I felt caved in, I felt flustered all the time, I felt like this was a never ending story of bills upon bills upon bills! Until I started to do a few things differently. When you know that you’re ready for the next level of your life, your mental capacity to think outside the box begins to explode.

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How to create consistent income whilst working less hours with Sherina Mayani

Creating income in your business can feel like an overwhelming task especially when you’re just beginning. As a coach, the starting point of growth requires quite a bit of foundational work, and if you’re not careful remaining in that space can feel like long term.

In today’s episode I chat with Sherina Mayani a Divine Living Business coach from Panama who shares that experience. As a past student and client of hers, I used to wonder how she does it all without getting lost in the consistent busyness.

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How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Comparing your chapter 2 with someone else's chapter 100 does not only intensify that feeling but also sets you up for self sabotage. In this episode we'll highlight what happens when you compare yourself & your business with the next successful femtrepreneur. Sit back, take notes & get ready to challenge the greatness within you,because your story is only just beginning. Listen to the podcast below.

xx Menellia

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